Tourism Potentials and Challenges of the Somali Region, Ethiopia

The main objective of this study was to explore tourism potentials and challenges of the Somali National Regional State, eastern Ethiopia. A qualitative research approach was employed and both primary and secondary data were collected using focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, observation, and document analysis. Rely on the thematic analyses made; this research found out that the study area has ample cultural, historical, natural, archaeological, and religious tourism products or resources. Besides, the study divulged the deficiency of awareness on the regions’ potential for tourism development, weak promotion and deficiency of coordination among stakeholders, limitations of tourism infrastructures, and bad image of the region are the main drawbacks for tourism development in the study area. The study has policy implications and contributes to the tourism development of the Somali region. Finally, the Somali region has plentiful tourism products, however; various challenges paved the way for the underdevelopment of the tourism industry in the region.

Publish DateFebruary 17, 2021
Last UpdatedFebruary 17, 2021
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