Species-Spanning Echocardiography – Cardiovascular Insights from Across the Animal Kingdom

Purpose of Review: The objective of this review is to present comparative echocardiography as a source of insights for human cardiovascular medicine.

Recent Findings: We present echocardiographic examples of high impact human cardiovascular pathologies, including valvular, vascular, conduction, and myocardial disorders, in a wide range of species in varying environments. Unique features associated with comparative echocardiographic assessments are linked to human cardiology, including natural animal models of resistance and vulnerability.

Summary: The cardiovascular vulnerabilities and strengths of other species can be a source of invaluable insights for human healthcare professionals. Echocardiography is playing a key role in bridging human and veterinary cardiology. Consequently, species-spanning echocardiography can deliver novel insights for human medicine.

Publish DateMarch 3, 2021
Last UpdatedMarch 3, 2021