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Seasonal variation in the feeding ecology of black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis L.) in Laikipia, Kenya

Daily indirect observations were made on the diet and feeding habits of the black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis L.) on Ol Ari Nyiro Ranch, Laikipia, Kenya over a six-month period. Individual rhinos were followed along their feeding tracks, plants consumed by tracked animals were identified and herbivory quantified. In total, 9665 individual feeding points were recorded at 1967 feeding stations. At least 103 plant species from at least 37 families were identified as rhino food plants. The diet of black rhinos

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Daytime activity patterns of gerenuk and giraffe in Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Individual daytime activity patterns of gerenuks (Litocranius walleri) and giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) varied considerably, being influenced by such factors as the social environment, reproductive status, predators, and weather conditions. In male gerenuks and female giraffes, relative feeding time per day was inversely correlated with ambient temperature at 14.00 hours; the same relationship applied to mean distance moved per hour by female giraffes. Gerenuks commonly lay down during rain; this probably serves to reduce heat loss. Most individual daily activity patterns

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Food habits of giraffe in Tsavo National Park, Kenya

In the context of a broader ecological investigation, food habits of giraffe were studied in Tsavo National Park (East). The only method employed was direct observation of feeding animals in the field. Each instance in which one animal fed on one individual plant was counted as one food record for this plant species; 4025 records are analysed. A total of sixty-six plant species was found to be eaten, the great majority being trees and shrubs, with a few creepers and

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