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The status of Faidherbia albida trees in the Hoanib River, Namibia

The Hoanib is an ephemeral river flowing from the highlands of Namibia through the hyper-arid Namib Desert to the Atlantic Ocean. Seasonal floods recharge groundwater that supports riparian woodlands, which are vitally important to wildlife and livestock. Previous studies prior to 2001 found that mega-herbivores are having an impact on the main tree species in the river system, Faidherbia albida. In 2002 two permanent boreholes were drilled for wildlife in order to reduce competition with livestock. This paper presents the

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Group sizes of giraffes in Kenya: the influence of habitat, predation and the age and sex of individuals

Giraffe group sizes appear to vary in response to localized ecological and environmental factors, but there has been little investigation of how social factors or predation risk affect group size in giraffes. We studied two adjacent, enclosed populations of Rothschild’s giraffes in Kenya, and used 591 records of groups to determine the relative influence of a series of variables on group size. One population was free from any risk of predation, while the other area contained a high density of

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