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Where is the game? Wild meat products authentication in South Africa: a case study

Background: Wild animals’ meat is extensively consumed in South Africa, being obtained either from ranching, farming or hunting. To test the authenticity of the commercial labels of meat products in the local market, we obtained DNA sequence information from 146 samples (14 beef and 132 game labels) for barcoding cytochrome c oxidase subunit I and partial cytochrome b and mitochondrial fragments. The reliability of species assignments were evaluated using BLAST searches in GenBank, maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis and the character-based

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The genetics of conservation: Peering into DNA to save species and ecosystems

Scientists know the bear as Ursus americanus kermodei, or the Kermode bear, named after biologist Frank Kermode. Kermode, a for­mer director of the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, was among the first to research the subspecies. The bear is a color polymorphism of the black bear Ursus americanus. “Spirit bears have one of the most distinctive and conspicuous such poly­morphisms of any mammal,” says ecol­ogist Tom Reimchen, of the University of Victoria. Reimchen has spent much of his career

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