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Lameness Diagnosis and Management in Zoo Giraffe

Lameness is a common health problem of adult giraffe (Giraffa spp.) at many zoos. Up to 80% of giraffe immobilizations are done to address hoof overgrowth and limping, indicating that lameness is an important health problem for this species. Giraffe anesthesia can have a 10% mortality rate, and some giraffe have died during anesthesia for hoof work. Due to risks associated with anesthesia, some cases are not diagnosed or treated until relatively late in the disease process. When lameness is

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Observations and perceptions of veterinarians and farmers on heartwater distribution, occurrence and associated factors in South Africa

Background: There is currently no scientific evidence regarding the current climatic or other epidemiological factors that could influence the occurrence of heartwater in South Africa. Objectives: The objective was to determine whether climatic changes or other epidemiological factors influence the occurrence of heartwater in South Africa. Method: A survey was conducted to scrutinise these factors using both veterinarians and farmers working in known areas in which heartwater had previously been confirmed to establish the value of each of these factors.

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