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Bucking the dismal decline in wildlife: Amboseli numbers are going up

Amboseli Conservation Program’s five decades of continuous monitoring the Amboseli region shows an astonishing turnaround for wildlife after years of decline. Many species are now more abundant than forty-five years ago, a remarkable contrast to the rapid losses across Africa and around the world. What explains this small point of light in a gloomy outlook for wildlife? What lessons does Amboseli offer conservation? And how can the success be kept up as the space for wildlife shrinks? As scientists patch

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Influence of Aesthetic Appreciation of Wildlife Species on Attitudes towards Their Conservation in Kenyan Agropastoralist Communities

The influence of human aesthetic appreciation of animal species on public attitudes towards their conservation and related decision-making has been studied in industrialized countries but remains underexplored in developing countries. Working in three agropastoralist communities around Amboseli National Park, southern Kenya, we investigated the relative strength of human aesthetic appreciation on local attitudes towards the conservation of wildlife species. Using semi-structured interviewing and free listing (n = 191) as part of a mixed methods approach, we first characterized local aesthetic

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The relative importance of large mammal species for tourism in Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Marketing for tourism in Kenya mostly revolves around ‘‘the big five’’ charismatic large mammals. However, it is not known if these are in fact the species tourists seek and prefer to see, or what other species are important when the ‘‘big five’’ are absent. This study investigated the large mammal interests of tourists in Amboseli National Park. Tourist interests were determined by tracking tourist vehicles and observing for which animals they stopped, the duration of each stop, and which animals

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