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Mammal road-type associations in Kruger National Park, South Africa: Common mammals do not avoid tar roads more than dirt roads

The majority of Africa’s parks and conservation areas have a vast road network, facilitating motorized vehicle game viewing. These roads have an influence that is both road type- and species-specific, on the surrounding ecosystem. Due to their higher traffic volumes, we hypothesized that tar roads and their immediate surrounds within the Kruger National Park, South Africa, are avoided to a greater extent by medium-to-large mammals than comparable dirt roads in the park. We systematically recorded the presence of medium-to-large mammal

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Population statistics and carrying capacity of large ungulates in Whovi Wild Area, Rhodes Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe Rhodesia

Population data for introduced large ungulates, are presented to demonstrate population growth in terms of numbers and biomass in the Whovi Wild Area of the Rhodes Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Peak calving in relation to food requirements of different species is discussed. Standing crop of large ungulates was calculated and compared with carrying capacity as predicted by Coe et al. (1976)

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