Utilisation and aspects of management of the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve

The Willem Pretorius Nature Reserve, Orange Free State, is briefly described, and aspects of management and utilisation with particular reference to game animals are discussed. Habitat management is the one aspect needing a great deal more attention and it would appear that the capture of game for live sale and relocation is a satisfactory way of controlling vegetation overutilisation, at the same time providing a source of income directly from sales and indirectly by providing public hunting of the excess animals in a hunting area. The value of game animals is stressed in terms of potential income. Public education is currently at a minimum, and it is felt that a distorted image of the functions of reserves has, in many cases, been caused by the press and cinema. The main problems could be more easily solved if trained staff were available, especially where data-gathering and recording are involved.

Publish DateJuly 20, 2020
Last UpdatedJanuary 27, 2021
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