Use of Datura innoxia by ungulates in the Hoanib River, Namibia

The behaviour of springbok Antidorcas marsupialis feeding on the alien invasive plant Datura innoxia is described, as well as nervous symptoms possibly arising from tropane alkaloid poisoning. Dung collected from five herbivore species prior to 1989 contained no D. innoxia seeds, and other signs of use of it were rare. Feeding on this plant, principally by springbok and gemsbok, is currently limited to the vicinity of the Hoanib River floodplain. This is the first record of use of D. innoxia by wild ungulates in southern Africa, and further underlines the need to eradicate alien plants in protected areas.

Publish DateJuly 28, 2020
Last UpdatedJanuary 27, 2021
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