Medicine in the Wild: Strategies towards Healthy and Breeding Wildlife Populations in Kenya

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has a Veterinary and Capture Services Department at its headquarters in Nairobi, and four satellite clinics strategically located in key conservation areas to ensure quick response and effective monitoring of diseases in wildlife. The department was established in 1990 and has grown from a rudimentary unit to a fully fledged department that is regularly consulted on matters of wildlife health in the eastern Africa
region and beyond. It has a staff of 48, comprising 12 veterinarians, 1 ecologist, 1 molecular biologist, 2 animal health technicians, 3 laboratory technicians, 4 drivers, 23 capture rangers, and 2 subordinate staff. The department has been modernizing its operations to meet the ever-evolving challenges in conservation and management of biodiversity.

Publish DateJuly 14, 2021
Last UpdatedJuly 14, 2021
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