Hand Rearing Of Wild Mammals In Captivity

Recognition of Zoo Rules, 2009 emphasizes the need of 'Nursery for Hand Rearing of Animal Babies' in recognized zoos. Zoos in India also function as Rescue Centres for rehabilitation of many orphaned wild infants. Many Indian zoos have hand reared wild animals in different situations with varied success rate. However documentation of such experiences is far from desired level.

The authors have attempted to compile information on more than 50 case reports of hand rearing on 25 species of mammals in Indian condition. Information on general hand rearing processes including initial care, dietary requirements, general husbandry, sanitation and common health problems encountered are also discussed in addition to the case reports. This publication is a result of an extensive literature survey, gathering of data recorded during hand rearing of different mammals at Nandankanan Zoological Park and collection of information on hand rearing of mammals carried out at some other Indian zoos.

The book is a humble effort to disseminate the learning during hand rearing of wild animals under Indian conditions. The authors hope this book will be an important tool for wildlife conservationists, zoo managers, biologists and veterinarians. The authors have given their best possible efforts to bring out details correctly. Suggestions from readers are also invited for further enrichment and improvement of this book and same may be communicated to the publisher in the address given on the back cover.

Publish DateMay 28, 2021
Last UpdatedMay 28, 2021
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