Giraffokeryx punjabiensis (Artiodactyla, Ruminantia, Giraffidae) from Lower Siwaliks (Chinji Formation) of Dhok Bun Ameer Khatoon, Pakistan

Fossil remains of Giraffokeryx punjabiensis (premolar and molar teeth belonging to the upper and lower jaws) have been collected and discussed from Chinji Formation of Dhok Bun Ameer Khatoon (32o 47’ 26.4” N, 72° 55’ 35.7” E). All these (twenty one) specimens are isolated teeth, which provide new data and give valuable information on the biostratigrphy and paleoecology of Giraffokeryx punjabiensis as well as the stratigraphy and paleoclimates of these Miocene rocks of the Chakwal district, Pakistan.

Publish DateJune 9, 2021
Last UpdatedJune 9, 2021
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