Giraffe Intergradation in Kenya

Since data concerning the distribution of the species and races of giraffe are scarce, the following observation, which concerns apparent hybrids between the reticulated giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata) and the Masai giraffe (G. capensis tippelskirchi), a race of the southern species, seems noteworthy. The reticulated giraffe inhibits such low-level deserts in Kenya as lie north of the Tana River and east of Lake Rudolph, and also adjacent parts of southern Abyssinia; while the Masai giraffe occurs in deserts, bush country and grasslands in Kenya south of Mt. Kenya, Lake Nakuru, and from the Loita Plains into and throughout the greater part of Tanganyika.

Publish DateMarch 15, 2017
Last UpdatedJanuary 30, 2021
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