Giraffe: Biology, Behaviour and Conservation – Book Review

According to the preface in this volume, Anne Dagg has been captivated by Giraffa camelopardalis since she was a toddler. This is apparent in her subsequent publications. In 1976, she co-authored, with Bristol Foster, ‘The Giraffe: Its Biology, Behaviour and Ecology’, and in 1982, she updated this book. This was one of two giraffe books I bought many years ago when I was first captivated by the reticulated race of this species. The other was The Book of the Giraffe by Clive Spinnage. In those days, information about the giraffe was limited. Now there is a plethora of scientific papers, reports and websites on this quintessential African animal. Anne Dagg’s new book continues the tradition of her earlier two books, but clearly benefits from the flood of new material that is now available for Giraffa. There are 11 chapters in this book.

Publish DateMarch 3, 2021
Last UpdatedMarch 3, 2021
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