Distribution and status of the desert-dwelling giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis) in northwestern Namibia

The population density and distribution of desert-dwelling giraffes was estimated in three study areas in the Hoanib River catchment, northwestern Namibia. Giraffe population densities (0.01 giraffe/km^2) were equal to the lowest recorded in Africa with population numbers fluctuating over past  decades. Sex ratios, herd sizes and age categories differed between all the study areas, while a weak correlation (r2 = 0.66, P < 0.001) in giraffe aggregation and the hot-dry season was observed in the Ombonde River. Seasonal movement and use of the riparian environments varied, with large fluctuations observed in the east of the catchment, while the hot-dry season influx and use in the riparian woodland coincided with Faidherbia albida podding.

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January 26, 2021
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