Cytauxzoonosis In A Giraffe [Giraffa Camelopardalis (Linnaeus, 1758)] In Zululand

Cytauxzoonosis is reported for the first time in a giraffe [Giraffa camelopardalis (Linnaeus, 1758)] that died naturally of the disease. Both histiotropic and erythrocytic parasites were found. The animal was very anaemic and had marked haemoglobinuria. The most significant lesions were disseminated foci of haemorrhage and necrosis, especially in the liver, spleen and abomasum. Multiple haemorrhages also occurred on both pleura and peritoneum, within and on the entire gastro-intestinal tract, on the surface of the kidneys, subepicardially and in the urinary bladder. Very enlarged and even multinuclear cells heavily parasitized by schizonts were encountered in the lesions.

Publish DateApril 1, 2021
Last UpdatedApril 1, 2021