Attitudes of the Local Community Toward Giraffe in Arusha National Park, Tanzania

This study examines the attitudes of the local community toward giraffe in Arusha National Park, Tanzania. This study was carried out between January and May 2018. Data were collected through questionnaires and key informants, to investigate views and attitudes of people toward giraffe. Our results revealed that local community had positive attitudes toward giraffe. Important variables that explained the positive attitudes of local people toward giraffe were sociodemographic variables (age, education, occupation, and duration of stay), calmness, and peacefulness of giraffe. Other important factors that influenced positive attitudes of local people toward giraffe were economic significance accrued from the presence of giraffe through tourism revenues and employment opportunities offered by the Park authority. We recommend the Park and other stakeholders to raise awareness among the local community through education to stop and discourage the notion of seeing giraffe through their primitive norms, taboos, and beliefs that its bone marrow cures HIV/AIDS.

Last Updated
February 19, 2021