A Synopsis of the Diseases of Giraffes

This synopsis has been prepared to inform the general public about all of the extremely complex health issues facing both free-ranging and captive Giraffes with the goal in mind of hopefully interesting more people to become
involved with Giraffe conservation efforts. Studies of the diseases of captive Giraffes in Zoological Gardens serve to indicate how susceptible Giraffes can be to contracting new diseases in confined mixed animal populations.
Most Zoos are generally very stressing to Giraffes. It is extremely heart breaking to view images of Giraffes afflicted and dying from some of these diseases and disorders. In the terms of nutritional pathology, starvation is a
disease. When Giraffes become highly stressed in their habitats organisms that are normally non-pathogenic to them can become pathogenic due to immunosuppression. Everything adds up so fast to make Giraffes so much
more vulnerable to climate changes and human population pressures. So many alarm bells about them are ringing. The 188 references of this book identify over 200 different pathologies, parasites and disorders of Giraffes.
Most all of these diseases, pathogenic parasites and disorders are the indictments against us for what we have done to harm Giraffes so much and make them victims of us so much. We are responsible for their truly sad states
of health resulting from their truly sad states of habitats. Our apathy about their welfare is the most damaging free-range Giraffe disease of all.

Publish DateJuly 13, 2021
Last UpdatedJuly 13, 2021