A study of animal movement in the Hoanib River catchment, northwestern Namibia

Seasonal movements of domestic stock and wildlife were analysed across the Hoanib River catchment. Data were gathered by ground and aerial surveys and represent the seasonal movement of animals, rather than the total number of animals in the catchment area. Domestic stock movement and distribution did not vary substantially and appeared to be associated with the seasonal, spatial availability of water and grazing in different places, and with human settlements. There was an apparent movement of cattle out of the catchment area during the hot-dry season. Only African elephant and springbok were found close to human settlements. Giraffe, Hartmann's mountain zebra and oryx were found to avoid human settlements and were predominantly observed in areas with little disturbance from humans and domestic stock. Wildlife had distinctive wet- and dry-season ranges, with larger concentrations occurring in the Hoanib River during the cold-dry and hot-dry seasons when grazing and browsing was limited elsewhere.

Publish DateMay 11, 2020
Last UpdatedJanuary 26, 2021
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