Studies of coprophilous ascomycetes in Kenya: Coprophilous Schizothecium from wildlife dung

Schizothecium encompasses species whose morphological features make them easily confused with Podospora and Cercophora. This study, carried out between September 2008 and October 2010, set out to characterize Schizothecium species from wildlife dung and determine their ecological attributes. Dung from Cape buffalo, zebra, giraffe, hippopotamus, impala, Jackson’s hartebeest, sable antelope and waterbuck was incubated in a moist chamber culture. Morphological features of sporulating ascomycetes were used to characterize and identify the species. Five species, Schizothecium conicum, S. curvuloides var. curvuloides, S. dakotense, S. dubium and S. glutinans were isolated and described. Schizothecium dakotense, S. dubium and S. glutinans were new records. Schizothecium curvuloides var. curvuloides and S. dakotense were fairly common.

Publish DateJuly 8, 2020
Last UpdatedJanuary 27, 2021
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