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Challenges To Animal Welfare During Transportation Of Wild Mammals: A Review (1990–2020)

Wild mammal transport is an important component of conservation translocation as well as the economic wildlife trade. This article reviews the physiological responses to transport that have been measured in wild mammalian species, factors associated with these responses, and interventions that have been applied to mitigate these responses. By organizing the literature review along the ‘‘five domains model’’ of animal welfare, namely, the physical-functional domains (nutrition, environment, health, behavior) and the mental domain (mental state), it can be demonstrated that

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Post-release monitoring of Rothschild giraffe and impala in Ruko Community Wildlife Conservancy

In February 2011, 8 Rothschild’s giraffe were translocated from Soysambu Farm to Ruko Conservancy as the first step in the re-establishment of a population that was once endemic to the Lake Baringo region. Prior to this move, a herd of 33 impala were also taken to the conservancy to boost wildlife populations, attract visitors to the area and generate tourism revenue for the local community. With high water levels in Lake Baringo currently the sanctuary set aside by the community

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Analysis of Angolan Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis) Post-Translocation Movement Patterns and Implications for Conservation Management in Namibia

Wildlife translocation is a conservation management strategy that has been employed to bolster many diminishing wild animal populations. Giraffe translocations are currently being conducted in Africa, but the consequences of such remain largely unknown. In Namibia, translocations are conducted to re-establish locally extirpated populations or to recover vulnerable ones in and around communal conservancies. This study analyzed the movement patterns of six Angolan giraffes in Namibia post-translocation in three regions. Four of the six giraffes appeared to establish home ranges,

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