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The last African white giraffes live in farmers’ fields

The giraffe population (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Niger is the last representative of the peralta sub-species which lived throughout West Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century. Protected since the 1970s, giraffes cohabit with humans in cultivated landscapes. This may not have appeared to pose many problems in the past, but the relationship between farmers and giraffes has deteriorated with the expansion of cultivated land and that of the giraffe population, with reported cases of giraffes damaging crops. A survey

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Complementary management of wildlife and livestock in West Africa – Utopia or development perspective?

Income from game viewing and trophy hunting is increasing in eastern and southern areas, game populations are increasing in some countries and programmes like CAMPFIRE have shown the potentials for local communities to benefit from these trends and National Parks. In West Africa, by contrast, there has been a sharp decline in wildlife populations and nature conservation and rural development are still antagonists. In 1999 GTZ started a special project on complementary management of wildlife and livestock in West Africa

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Overview of the ecology of the Niger giraffe

The giraffe of Niger are the last in all West Africa. It is threatened. They are both genetically and ecologically distinct from other giraffe and are therefore an important biodiversity remnant. Although baseline research has been limited, it does provide snapshots of what has happened to the population’s numbers and distribution over the past decade. Currently, the population is increasing and genetically healthy, however, its range has been significantly reduced and habitat loss and fragmentation continues to be a major

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West Africa’s last giraffes: The conflict between development and conservation

The distribution of the giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis peralta Thomas 1898) has greatly diminished in West Africa, and now the last remaining population, reduced to less than 100 individuals, is found in Niger. These giraffes of West Africa are seriously threatened by extensive deforestation and clearing of their habitat. They live peacefully with humans and cattle and participate in an essential way in the dynamics of vegetation. Their disappearance would represent another step towards the impoverishment of the inheritance of Africa, a

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The present distribution and status of the giraffe in west Africa

Several papers have been published in Mammalia in the last few years on the distribution of the West African giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis paralta Thomas 1898. However, its exact distribution and numbers are still uncertain; this paper records some recent information on the subject and suggests reasons for the limited numbers at the present time. Another subspecies, antiquorum, is found in Kordofan and Darfur further to the east. Malbrant (1952) records that the giraffe east of the Chari river are similar

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