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Feeding choices and impacts of extralimital giraffe on two keystone tree species in the Kgalagadi National Park

In this article we determine the effect of an extralimital megaherbivore on the reproductive potential and vegetation structure of two keystone tree species in the Auob River in the south western Kalahari Desert of southern Africa. Using spoor and dung counts we establish the presence of giraffe in three predetermined density zones by walking 50 transects across the river in each zone. We also photographed six trees from each species in each zone and use these photographs to determine browse

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Structure and composition of Acacia xanthophloea woodland in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

The woody vegetation of Lake Nakuru National Park occurs along rivers, lakeshores and flood plains. Four different sites within the Acacia xanthophloea woodlands were selected for the study. Vegetation structure was not significantly different in the four woodlands used for the study, but these sites differed in the relative density of Acacia trees. Regeneration of A. xanthophloea differed in each site, with the highest regeneration rates found in the nonfenced plots where browsing took place.

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