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Did the elephant and giraffe mediate change in the prevalence of palatable species in an East African Acacia woodland?

We report on a 2009 survey of Acacia woodlands in the Seronera area of central Serengeti, Tanzania, and compare the results to previous surveys from the 1970s–1980s. We document a substantial change in woodland structure and composition. From 1978 to 2009, woody plant density (mean ± SD) declined from 255 ± 35 trees ha−1 to 147 ± 14 trees ha−1. Canopy cover declined from 15.1 ± 1.9% to 5.7 ± 0.6%. Canopy volume declined from 1810 ± 207 m3 ha−1 to 1410 ± 121 m3 ha−1.

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