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Survival of the tallest

The extreme adaptations of the giraffe have fuelled evolutionary hypotheses since the time of Lamarck. In-depth studies of its genomes are now yielding solid answers about its evolution, along with the identifi cation of new species. A better understanding of its biology, including its social behaviour, may help to secure the future of this unique animal.

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Changes in Social Interaction Adolescent Male Giraffes (Giraffa Camelopardalis) as they Shift from a Social to Solitary Lifestyle

Social interactions that result in preferential relationships between individuals have been observed in multiple species of mammals. Female mammals tend to stay in long-term associations with other females, while males rarely maintain such interactions once they reach sexual maturity. For example, adolescent male giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) form bachelor herds in the wild and shift to a solitary lifestyle when they reach adulthood. Males in bachelor herds engage in social interactions and display preference and avoidance behaviors toward one another, indicating

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"All About Giraffes"

The information I presented highlighted the work of Giraffe Conservation Foundation in the field, especially focusing on the Niger giraffe project…as well as a range of current ex situ initiatives designed to provide a better understanding of giraffe biology. To try and cover all bases I attempt to ‘marry together’ the work being done in the wild world with that undertaken in captivity, thus giving my audience of around 50 zoo keepers, students and those with a general interest in

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