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Evaluating expert-based habitat suitability information of terrestrial mammals with GPS-tracking data

Aim: Macroecological studies that require habitat suitability data for many species often derive this information from expert opinion. However, expert-based information is inherently subjective and thus prone to errors. The increasing availability of GPS tracking data offers opportunities to evaluate and supplement expert-based information with detailed empirical evidence. Here, we compared expert-based habitat suitability information from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with habitat suitability information derived from GPS-tracking data of 1,498 individuals from 49 mammal species. Location:

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Fire history and management as determinant of patch selection by foraging herbivores in western Serengeti, Tanzania

Although the use of fire as a management tool has increased during the past decades in East African savannas, there is insufficient knowledge about herbivores’ utilization of areas with different fire history. We therefore examined large mammal herbivores’ preference for patches that differed in fire history to test whether herbivores would non-randomly select patches according to availability. Our study area was the East African Serengeti ecosystem. Animals were recorded along transects at monthly intervals from May 2001 to April 2006,

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