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Giraffe: Giraffa camelopardalis – Species Profile for Tasmania Zoo

This pest risk assessment was developed in accordance with Policy and Procedures for the Import, Movement and Keeping of Vertebrate Wildlife in Tasmania (DPIPWE 2011). These set out conditions and restrictions for importation of controlled animals pursuant to S32 of the Nature Conservation Act 2002. This document was prepared for DPIPWE use within the Department only. Giraffe are a natural curiosity and have been widely represented in captivity around the world for centuries. In Australia, they have been present in

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Assessing Animal Welfare in Animal-Visitor Interactions in Zoos and Other Facilities. A Pilot Study Involving Giraffes

In recent years, awareness of the controversial aspects connected with wild animal-visitor interactions (AVIs) in zoos and other facilities has increased due to cultural changes. Therefore, the need to apply transparent procedures to evaluate AVIs programs in zoos and similar facilities has also increased. This study presents results of animal welfare’s assessment of a pilot test of a protocol based on six steps that aim to explore and assess the overall value of AVIs considering the impact both on animals

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