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The Rothschild’s giraffe as a potential biological controller of invasive native Acacia species in Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

Shrub and woody encroachment can have serious ecological impacts and is an increasingly common problem in many ecosystems, from the African savanna to the Arctic. Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda is experiencing severe woody encroachment of the native invasive Acacia species. In 2015, 15 Rothschild’s giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) were translocated to Lake Mburo as both a conservation effort to expand the range of the endangered giraffe subspecies and as part of a long-term project to control the encroachment

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Comparisons of Salmonella conjugation and virulence gene hyperexpression mediated by rumen protozoa from domestic and exotic ruminants

Recent studies have identified a phenomenon in which ciliated protozoa engulf Salmonella and the intra-protozoal environment hyperactivates virulence gene expression and provides a venue for conjugal transfer of antibiotic resistance plasmids. The former observation is relegated to Salmonella bearing the SGI1 multiresistance integron while the latter phenomenon appears to be a more generalized event for recipient Salmonella. Our previous studies have assessed virulence gene hyperexpression only with protozoa from the bovine rumen while conjugal transfer has been demonstrated in rumen

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