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Preliminary Report on Forage Availability and Resource Use by Reticulated Giraffe at Mugie Conservancy, Laikipia, Kenya

Main Findings To compare resource availability and animal diets, we conducted vegetation surveys and collected giraffe dung samples for diet analyses on the east and west sides of primary road C77 at Mugie Conservancy. The availability of tree resources differed on the east versus west sides of C77, where the more abundant species that we encountered in the East are likely to represent higher nutritional value to a giraffe than in the West. On the east side of C77, giraffe

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African lion (Panthera leo) behavior, monitoring, and survival in human-dominated landscapes

Chapter 1, “Demography of a persecuted African lion population,” investigates the basic demographic characteristics of a lion population on human and livestock dominated lands where unregulated, retaliatory hunting of both sexes and all ages had occurred for centuries. I also examine the individual characteristics of stock-raiding lions. Chapter 2, “Participatory monitoring of an elusive carnivore on community lands,” I test the inclusion of local communities in wildlife monitoring and conservation, i.e. participatory monitoring, as a method for collecting data on

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