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Brief chapter summaries of ‘Stereotypic Animal Behaviour – Fundamentals and Applications for Welfare’ (2nd ed.)

Repetitive, abnormal behaviour patterns are performed by tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of animals worldwide: animals that live on farms and in laboratory animal facilities, stables, kennels, zoos, even in our homes. Our introductory chapter reviews the extent of research into this ‘stereotypic behaviour’ – traditionally defined as ‘repetitive, unvarying, with no obvious goal or function’ – since the book’s first edition was published in 1993. We illustrate the growing number of papers on captive animals, contrasting them with the

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West Africa’s last giraffes: The conflict between development and conservation

The distribution of the giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis peralta Thomas 1898) has greatly diminished in West Africa, and now the last remaining population, reduced to less than 100 individuals, is found in Niger. These giraffes of West Africa are seriously threatened by extensive deforestation and clearing of their habitat. They live peacefully with humans and cattle and participate in an essential way in the dynamics of vegetation. Their disappearance would represent another step towards the impoverishment of the inheritance of Africa, a

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