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Nasal heat exchange in the giraffe and other large mammals

The respiratory air of the giraffe is exhaled at temperatures substantially below body core temperature. As a consequence, the water content of the exhaled air is reduced to levels below that in pulmonary air, resulting in substantial reductions in respiratory water loss. Measurements under outdoor conditions showed that at an ambient air temperature of 24 degrees C, the exhaled air was 7 degrees C below body core temperature, and at ambient air temperature of 17 degrees C, the exhaled air

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Respiration and metabolism in the giraffe

Measurements have been made on respiration of three resting unstressed adult giraffe under normal conditions. Tracheal dimensions and body dimensions have also been measured in a large number of giraffe and other mammals. The results indicate that contrary to statements in the literature the giraffe does not have an abnormally large dead space, though the trachea is abnormally long and narrow. The respiratory measurements indicate that the giraffe breathes as predicted by published scaling equations, and at rest shows no

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