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Survival of the tallest

The extreme adaptations of the giraffe have fuelled evolutionary hypotheses since the time of Lamarck. In-depth studies of its genomes are now yielding solid answers about its evolution, along with the identifi cation of new species. A better understanding of its biology, including its social behaviour, may help to secure the future of this unique animal.

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Giraffe: Biology, Behaviour and Conservation – Book Review

According to the preface in this volume, Anne Dagg has been captivated by Giraffa camelopardalis since she was a toddler. This is apparent in her subsequent publications. In 1976, she co-authored, with Bristol Foster, ‘The Giraffe: Its Biology, Behaviour and Ecology’, and in 1982, she updated this book. This was one of two giraffe books I bought many years ago when I was first captivated by the reticulated race of this species. The other was The Book of the Giraffe

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